Bioidentical Hormone Balancing: What Can It Do For You?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Relief for Menopause and Post Menopause Symptoms

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Relief for Menopause Symptoms

Albert L. Hirsch MD, a Dallas physician since 1978, answers these frequently asked questions from patients regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy:

“Doesn’t the use of Estrogen or Progesterone during & after Menopause Increase the Risk of Cancer?”

No - this is a very common misconception on the part of many patients and physicians (and yes, even most Medical Doctors have NOT read the medical studies thoroughly). Studies show that the use of Premarin and Provera increase a woman’s risk of breast and uterine cancer. These reports have caused almost everyone, patients and physicians alike, to discontinue the use of hormone replacement therapy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. So now women are told, “You are supposed to feel bad”, and “Hormone Therapy can cause cancer.” This is simply NOT TRUE!
Provera is NOT natural Progesterone, but an analog (5 methyl hydroxy progesterone) that is never produced by the body. Premarin is not the same as naturally produced estrogen, but 10 different “Estrogens” (obtained from horse urine) in a pill. When natural, bioidentical Estradiol & Progesterone are used, many symptoms improve or disappear, & the RISK of CANCER is actually significantly DECREASED! This is well documented in the medical literature. Also, ovaries produce Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. The ovaries stop functioning in menopause. How can “hormone therapy” not include optimizing levels of all three?!

“Why don’t most doctors utilize the important tool of bioidentical hormone replacement for their patients?”

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is relatively new, and unfortunately most doctors stay current mainly with information from representatives of pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, physicians must be cautious to avoid malpractice issues. It is easier if the doctors just stay with the old tried and accepted practices of prescribing synthetically produced hormones that are sold by these pharmaceutical companies. These are different from those that are naturally produced in the human body. Often, they may prescribe anti-depressants, which can cause weight gain, as opposed to incorporating new science and technology into their medical practices. Bioidentical hormones cannot be patented, and significant profits cannot be made; therefore, few doctors are properly informed. The big pharmaceutical companies do not sell these hormones, and drug representatives do not market them.

“Are all bioidentical hormones similar in quality?”

NO. There is a wide variance in purity, quality, and effectiveness. For example, almost every compounding pharmacy uses Chinese yams as their source of Progesterone. We use only one pharmacy, not in DFW. They use USA sourced organic Soy for their progesterone, which can be “micronized” into much smaller, easier to absorb particles. This results in a higher blood level with the same dose, and avoids contaminants.

“Since I started Menopause, I not only am getting hot flashes & irritability, but I seem to be gaining fat around my middle. Does BHRT help this too?”

All symptoms of menopause can be effectively eliminated with proper BHRT. After menopause, the normal female distribution of fat (hips, buttocks & thighs) changes, and moves to the torso also. Once a more youthful hormone balance has been achieved, the fat is re-distributed back to its more youthful locations. BHRT often actually eliminates some of this fat, and weight management can remove even more.

As a pioneer in the practice of bioidentical hormone replacement and balancing, anti-aging, nutrition, and healthy weight management, Dr. Albert Hirsch works in a personal, ethical manner with each of his patients to optimize their health and longevity.

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“Can I just buy natural hormone products from health food stores?”

It’s definitely not advised. The over the counter hormone products contain such low levels of hormones that they cannot be monitored by lab tests. Also, they are unregulated and do not require a prescription.

Bioidentical hormones are exact replicas of the hormones naturally produced by one’s body. What could be safer than that? These hormones require a physician’s prescription and a pharmacist specifically trained to formulate them. The quality of pharmaceutical grade products is much higher, they are absorbed much better, can be made in sustained release form and can be monitored with lab tests.

“On top of all of menopausal symptoms, my metabolism seems to have slowed and I’ve gained a lot of weight. What can I do?”

Hirsch Clinic is also highly accomplished in the use of the latest healthy, rapid fat loss methods. When combined with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy, Dr. Hirsch’s patients have lost as much as 53 pounds of FAT in 6 weeks, without the typical loose skin associated with fast weight loss. Patients also learn how to keep the weight off. His weight loss plan can often eliminate the need for medications for Diabetes, High Cholesterol, & High Blood Pressure.


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